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Large development firms are working closely with elected officials to redefine the fabric of Long Island. Decisions are being made BEFORE any public input is heard, thus transforming our way of life...

Their Vision

  • Development of MASSIVE ''mini-cities" at virtually EVERY LIRR Station.
  • Urban-style walkable downtowns throughout ALL of Long Island.
  • Increased reliance on public transportation, including expansion of ALL LIRR & bus

Our Vision

  • Transparency - NO more "closed-door" meetings between developers & elected officials.
  • Community Council comprised of local residents fully involved in ALL planning sessions.
  • Local residents, NOT SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS, deciding the fate of OUR communities.

Who do you want deciding your future?

  • Do you enjoy a suburban lifestyle or do you want to live in an urban downtown area?
  • Do you want to be a homeowner or a tenant; driver or passenger?
  • Do you want a say in the future of your community or will you simply relinquish those rights to master developers and elected officials?

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