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Who we are: 

We are an organization of citizens who are concerned about the preservation of Long Island suburbs so that future generations can enjoy the benefits of home ownership.

What's happening on Long Island?  

Our suburbs are currently undergoing a major transformation – massive development projects that will turn our quiet suburbs to bustling “mini-cities” are being planned behind closed doors right now. But only the needs and desires of the developers are being heard. The development community calls private home ownership “sprawl” and would much prefer to have us renting apartments in “walkable downtown areas” – and it’s happening all over Long Island. 

The process needs to change.

We cannot have multi-million dollar corporations deciding the fate of our communities. The voices of the residents must be brought to the table when projects of this magnitude are being considered.

The Choice is yours! 

  • Do you want to live on Long Island or do you want to live in the Bronx?
  • Do you want to own home or rent an apartment?
  • Do you want a seat at the table for the future development of your community?
  • Do you feel we need to save our suburbs before it’s too late?
Contact Long Island Matters today to find out how you can help to Save Our Suburbs!

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