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Heartland Town Square

Heartland Town Square Fact Sheet


  • Touted as “The Town of Tomorrow," this 450-acre “urban sustainable community” is proposed for the old Pilgrim Psych. property, where the Long Island Expressway meets the Sagtikos Parkway in Brentwood, Town of Islip.
  1. Project includes 9,130 housing units, 10% of which will be “affordable.” 90% will be rental apartments, the remainder will be condos.
  2. Apartments will be mostly 1BR; rents will start around $2,000/month. The developer encourages tenants to take on roommates. The housing units will be in two towers, each 20 STORIES high.
  3. The housing density for this project is 900 units/acre. The average housing density in the Town of Islip is 3.8 units/acre.
  4. Also included are a one-million square foot "life-style" center, 3 million square feet of office space, a hotel and convention center, indoor and outdoor civic space and an aquarium.
  5. The amount of office space proposed by the developer is the equivalent of 2.5 EMPIRE STATE BUILDINGS.
  6. Office buildings are designed to be up to 13 STORIES (currently not allowed under Islip town code). The developer will be seeking variances.
  7. Housing consists of walk-up apartments above retail stores.
  8. According to the developer, people will want to “live, work, and play” all within this community; residents will be discouraged from owning cars as the developer expects “no one will ever have any reason to leave.” An internal bus and shuttle system will move residents around the community and connect them with public transportation.
  9. Suffolk County buses, commuter ride sharing, Zip car rental, the LIRR, and bicycles are expected to be the preferred modes of transportation for residents of this “mini-city.”
  10. The Town of Islip recently granted a 10-year extension to the developer’s previous 10-year tax abatement.
  11. This project will add an estimated 1,800 NEW STUDENTS or more to the Brentwood school district. Annual spending per pupil for this district is more than $18,000. This will cost the taxpayers more than $32,000,000 per year.

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