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Ronkonkoma Hub




  • Mixed use development located on 50 acres of property in the Town of Brookhaven at the Ronkonkoma Train Station.
  1. Plan includes 1,450 studio, 1BR, 2BR and 3BR rental apartments. 20% will be “affordable housing.” For the remaining units, rents are estimated at $1300 for a studio, $1850 for a 1BR, and $2450 for a 2BR.
  2. Plan includes 195,000 square feet of retail, 360,000 square feet of office space, and 60,000 square feet of “flex space.” This involves a total of 615,000 square feet of commercial space over 14 acres of floor area.
  3. Buildings will be 3-5 stories in height.
  4. Project spans Towns of Brookhaven and Islip, but only Brookhaven officials will vote on rezoning and final approval of all elements of construction. The only element Islip officials can vote on is a 1,000,000 gallon sewage treatment plant on the Islip side. Islip will also get all of the parking for the train station.
  5. Although this project will have a direct impact on Town of Islip residents, Brookhaven completed a plan, selected a master developer, gave them a conference room in town hall, commenced a blight study and drafted code that will be used to guide development of the project with limited input from the Islip side. The code is renegotiated on a daily basis.
  6. The developer (Tritec) has been awarded $5 million in taxpayer-funded subsidies and intends to apply to the IDA for tax abatements.
  7. This project will add approximately 300 new children into the Sachem school district at a cost of approximately $5 million per year to taxpayers.
  8. Tritec has publicly stated they will use eminent domain if necessary to acquire properties in Ronkonkoma. This can only be done by the Town, not the developer.

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